Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jasmyn (Senior)

Several weeks ago I started planning one of the most fun sessions I've had the privilege of shooting.  My favorite sessions are those that have allowed me to run creatively.  When I start planning a session I ask a few questions.  I want to hear about the people that will be in the session.  What are their interests?  What is the family or couple dynamic like?  Is it fun, silly, serious, or romantic?  It gives me a starting point to take off from.  Jasmyn and her Mom were great with feedback and jumped on board with great enthusiasm.  The session was this past Saturday and we were all afraid the rain wouldn't clear up before the session.  About two hours before the session we were pleased the sun came out.  Perfect!  This session will definitely be an upcoming Propology post.  It was awesomely propalicious.  Oh yes I did!  *Cut to a rendition of Fergalicious...err Propalicious* hehe!

I'm still adding sneak peeks to Facebook but here are just a few of my favorites.  There may end up being a part two post.  Stay tuned...

Thanks again to Jasmyn for requesting Foxtree take her senior pictures :)

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