Monday, September 5, 2011

Propology 2 (princess & the pea)

A few weeks back I did a concept shoot entitled "Princess & the Pea".  Beneath the photo you'll see a more detailed description of the props and how I pulled it off and on a budget.

My personal goal for this session was to make it as cheap as possible and to use as many supplies I already had.  I'll start at the top
1. Teepee- Bamboo poles and a white blanket
2. Crown- I made this crown the week leading up to the session with the help of my wonderful Gramma in-law.  I have very minimal sewing skills)
3.Baby bed- Years ago, when I was little my Grampa made various play things.  I was blessed enough to get the last bed left a few months ago.  It was painted white.  I repainted it offwhite.  I have the bed to use for newborn session.
4. "Mattresses"- This part of the set up was the only part I struggled to find a cheap, easy way.  Finally I decided on pillows.  I bought about a 1/2 yard of each fabric and wrapped it around the front of the pillow to form the appearance of mattresses.
5. Paper lanterns- I hadn't originally planned for the lanterns to be used but while packing for the session I saw them and figured it couldn't hurt.  If I were to have originally planned to bring them I would've preferred to have different sizes of the lanterns and possibly a few more.  It helped bring the set up together and bridged the gap of the spaces between the teepee and bed.
6. Decorative box- used as a sort of table

7. Candle holders- I used a large glass candle holder and two mini candle holders.  The large glass candle holder had a candle inside with partially thawed out frozen peas poured around.  The small candle holders had no candles with pea poured inside.
8. Bird shakers- A few months back I shot a wedding at Hanover College.  I often refer to it as my Romanian wedding.  One of their wedding favors were these bird salt and pepper shakers.  I'm so glad they made me take them home because I love them and have used them several times.

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