Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Propology: Snow White

I'm afraid I'm terribly behind in my propology posts.  I will be catching up on these this week.

A few facts about myself

I am fiercely creative
I don't sleep well
I get in these modes where I generate a lot of very detailed ideas.  These ideas often come out in quite a frenzy.

Those three facts are quite intwined together.  My rendition of Snow White came from one of this frenzied moments of creative blur.  It was quite trial and error with a few of my ideas but overall was quite a success.  In the post before I mentioned being prepared.  Always, always, always have back up plans and props ready just in case your original "my most awesome idea ever" is a flop.  Sometimes things are way better in the mind than in person.

This was a styled session by myself and what would lead me a few months later to create Magnolia Jane, my side business.  ( or Magnolia Jane on Facebook).  Since this was a styled session I will include the clothing as a prop since it greatly effected the session.
I wanted the session to be recognizable as Snow White but with my own twist.  While I had scouted out this location prior to the session I had no shot there before.  The lighting was a bit tricky throughout the session.  I had a very elaborate plan involving 100+ origami swans that would hang from red ribbon but the wind ripped that idea out real quick.  As you can imagine hanging 100+ origami swans from a tree takes some time.  As soon as we finished the wind whipped up making it impossible.  It was to be a big part of my session but I fell back on props I had no planned to be such a staple.  All in all I loved the way it turned out.  Lessons were learned as always.  For those wondering, I did save all of the origami swans and plan to use them in the dead of Summer when the air is stale and not moving a bit lol!

Props used

Snow White inspired dress and matching (detachable) cape
Yellow tights
Two real apples and one fake

You might be wondering why I chose to use two real apples and one fake one.  For starters I'm never exactly sure where I will be taken in a session.  I thought I might have her take a bite of the apple which would require a real apple.  Secondly, I wanted to fill the basket.  It was cheaper to buy more real than fake.  And lastly, I knew I would want close ups of the apple.  Real apples aren't always the prettiest so I purchased a fake apple with the intent of using it in a    close up like in the last picture above.

This session was on New Year's Day so I do not remember the amount of money I spent on the material but I do know the tights were $5 at Target.  I believe I already had the basket.  The fake apple was around $3 and I don't remember the cost of the apples.  Miss Snow white found them very tastey whatever the cost ;)

Propology: Senior session on a budget Pt 2

I am a self confessed propaholic.  My husband frequently complains about my prop habit.  As a photographer, props and the set up for a session are at the top of the list of importance.  You dont' want to crowd the image with props and you want a nice flow.  In addition you don't want to spend an arm and a leg on said props.  I've spent the past three years amassing the props that I have.  I've slowed down a lot and only buy things when 1. They're on sale 2. They're super cheap or 3. It's something rare/specific I have been wanting.  Below is a close up of a set up from one of my recent senior sessions.  I'll break down the props included and the total cost below the image.

1. Suitcase
2. Map
3. Journals
4. Camera
5. Small nest, eggs & bird
6. Bird cage (with a 2nd small nest, eggs and bird inside)
7. Butterflies
8. Two glass jars with burlap and material "lids" secured with twine

Most of these props have been in my prop collection for quite some time.  Some of these things are my personal belongings not related to Foxtree.  (It's such a fine line between Foxtree belongings and personal belongings.  Often times the line blurs).  I will now break down what the props cost.

1. Suitcase- Has been in my prop collection for over a year now.  I believe I paid $4 for it at the Goodwill last year
2. Map- Recent purchase for $1 at a local flea market
3. Journals- Personal journals that I ripped out pages with writing on and have turned them into Foxtree property
4. Camera- I purchased this last year at a flea market.  I think I paid $5 for this camera
5. Small nests, eggs & birds also from 6- I bought these several months back at Hobby Lobby.  I'm going to guess I spent around $5 for both nests, about 8 eggs and a package of 4 or 6 birds.
6. Bird cage- I purchased this cage at Hobby Lobby a few months ago when it was 50% off- $8
7. Butterflies- Also purchased at Hobby Lobby $1.99
8. Two glass jars- One jar is a Smucker's jar my Mother in Law was going to throw out and the other is a Gerber baby food jar from when I babysat.  The material used for "lids" was material I already had at the house as was the twine. Free!

Total amount spent over several years time = $24.99

Considering I reuse props over and over I would say $24.99 is a steal!  That is less than $10 for every year I've been doing photography professionally.


-When doing a session with a set up always get a close up shot.  You can use the shot in a collage, a stock photo or as a reminder of a particular set up you used for that session.
- Be aware of the setting of the location where your session will take place.  You want the props to flow with the location not clash.

Now the set up in action!

The props flowed so perfectly with the Shabby Chic, vintage feel of the location and the theme we had agreed upon prior to the session.  You want to plan out 90% of your ideas, only waiting to make minor changes during the session.  You don't want to waste too much valuable light and time.  With that being said, don't be afraid to change it up at the last minute.  I brought extra props including two other suitcases.  I had every intention of using three suitcases until we got to this spot.  It was a quick, easy change to make at the last minute.  If you're prepared it allows for more freedom and flexibility.

Baby C Pt. 2

Yesterday was the second part of Baby C's newborn session.  I do declare I could photograph this little cutie every day and be quite alright!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baby C

Those that know me well know that my all time favorite session is a newborn session.  Yes it is a lot of work but *pinch* is this really my job?!  Part one of this session was yesterday.  I usually only do one part but Mr. C decided he wanted to wake up and have a party.  Despite that, his session went the most smooth any newborn session has went for me.  The other exciting part?  His session debuted my new in home studio!!  This has been a very long time coming.  I had intentions of getting it started probably two years ago but my old house just wasn't cutting it.  Another reason I love our new house is I now have the space and perfect lighting for an in home studio.  It's a small studio set up so it will only accommodate newborns and young children but I'm ecstatic nonetheless. 
I mentioned the stormy weather earlier.  My house normally gets ahmaaazing natural light but it was nearly dark yesterday.  All these were taken by my external flash only, no extra lights.  All more reason to love, love, love these pictures!  Without further ado.  Isn't he gorgeous?!

Hat by: Clamors Handmade

Find her on Facebook or take a look at her Etsy shop.

B Senior

Over the Winter when things usually come to a halt for Foxtree I have lots of time to daydream about sessions.  I have a bit of an obsession with birds and butterflies as of late.  This session and the senior session before this one was one of those daydreams. 

M Senior

After one reschedule due to rain we were able to pull off this awesome Senior session with M.  Her mom came along for moral support and a friend came along for hair.  This is the second time this particular friend has been my hair and make up for a session and I think I'm getting spoiled. :)  Every so often I have a session that sticks with me and becomes my favorite.  This is one of those sessions.  The lighting was perfect, I loved the set up and she was a great model.  Enough chit chat!  Let me show you what I've been gabbing about.

^ My favorite!