Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jasmyn (Senior)

Several weeks ago I started planning one of the most fun sessions I've had the privilege of shooting.  My favorite sessions are those that have allowed me to run creatively.  When I start planning a session I ask a few questions.  I want to hear about the people that will be in the session.  What are their interests?  What is the family or couple dynamic like?  Is it fun, silly, serious, or romantic?  It gives me a starting point to take off from.  Jasmyn and her Mom were great with feedback and jumped on board with great enthusiasm.  The session was this past Saturday and we were all afraid the rain wouldn't clear up before the session.  About two hours before the session we were pleased the sun came out.  Perfect!  This session will definitely be an upcoming Propology post.  It was awesomely propalicious.  Oh yes I did!  *Cut to a rendition of Fergalicious...err Propalicious* hehe!

I'm still adding sneak peeks to Facebook but here are just a few of my favorites.  There may end up being a part two post.  Stay tuned...

Thanks again to Jasmyn for requesting Foxtree take her senior pictures :)

Katie (Senior)

I met with Katie, her boyfriend and Dad for her Senior session in an area of Louisville I had never seen.  I moved here a little over four years ago and have yet to discover a lot of areas here.  I wasn't aware that there were areas such as this inside of Louisville.  I kept saying over and over how much it reminded me of home and my Uncle's property and horses.  Thanks to Katie and her family for having me photograph her Senior pictures.

Stuart (senior)

I met with Stuart and his Mom on evening last week.  Travel was interesting due to the bridge shut down but we got an early start.  The location we were to use ended up not working out so after some fast thinking we chose two other locations in the area.  Thanks to Stuart for using Foxtree Photography for his Senior pictures.


Lyvers family

The week proceeding the start of Carmageddon, when the Sherman Minton Bridge was shut down I met with the Lyvers family.  An approximately 15 minute car ride turned into an hour.  During the drive my cute wild flowers I had planned to use died.  A few other circumstances meant the session didn't go exactly how I had planned but the result was just as good.  These kids are seriously the cutest!  It was my pleasure to meet with the Lyvers family.  I look forward to future sessions with them.
Onto my favorites!


Thanks again Lyvers family!

Steve & Kelly (wedding)

Hello again friends!  I'm feeling a bit under the weather today and I'm terribly behind in the blog so I will be updating throughout the day.

I first met Steve, Kelly and their family last year.  When they contacted me, letting me know they'd be getting married and needed a photographer I was super happy to hear they were getting married.  When we met to talk specifics they told me how they met and that their anniversary was coming up.  They made such an impression on me.  It was so exciting to see a couple that has been together for 18 years still be giddy with love.
They were married at Duncan Memorial Chapel in Crestwood, KY.  I was blown away by the beauty of this chapel!  The overall feel of the day was relaxed with 18 years worth of excitement rolled together.  I think my favorite part of the day was when Steve saw Kelly walk in.  He was overcome with so much emotion he could barely get through their vows.  That is love my friends!!  Below are a few of my favorite images.

 Before being decorated for the ceremony


Bouquets made by Shannon Ross of Gatherings Decor (gatheringsdecor@att.net)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Propology 2 (princess & the pea)

A few weeks back I did a concept shoot entitled "Princess & the Pea".  Beneath the photo you'll see a more detailed description of the props and how I pulled it off and on a budget.

My personal goal for this session was to make it as cheap as possible and to use as many supplies I already had.  I'll start at the top
1. Teepee- Bamboo poles and a white blanket
2. Crown- I made this crown the week leading up to the session with the help of my wonderful Gramma in-law.  I have very minimal sewing skills)
3.Baby bed- Years ago, when I was little my Grampa made various play things.  I was blessed enough to get the last bed left a few months ago.  It was painted white.  I repainted it offwhite.  I have the bed to use for newborn session.
4. "Mattresses"- This part of the set up was the only part I struggled to find a cheap, easy way.  Finally I decided on pillows.  I bought about a 1/2 yard of each fabric and wrapped it around the front of the pillow to form the appearance of mattresses.
5. Paper lanterns- I hadn't originally planned for the lanterns to be used but while packing for the session I saw them and figured it couldn't hurt.  If I were to have originally planned to bring them I would've preferred to have different sizes of the lanterns and possibly a few more.  It helped bring the set up together and bridged the gap of the spaces between the teepee and bed.
6. Decorative box- used as a sort of table

7. Candle holders- I used a large glass candle holder and two mini candle holders.  The large glass candle holder had a candle inside with partially thawed out frozen peas poured around.  The small candle holders had no candles with pea poured inside.
8. Bird shakers- A few months back I shot a wedding at Hanover College.  I often refer to it as my Romanian wedding.  One of their wedding favors were these bird salt and pepper shakers.  I'm so glad they made me take them home because I love them and have used them several times.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

big bear hunt

This session was pulled together in about an hour using only supplies found in our home.  It is my last free weekend until November so I figured I'd better do the shoot I had been wanting to do for the past few weeks.  It was a last minute decision to do it yesterday so several of my original plans and props did make it into the set up.  Regardless I think it's incredibly cute and the boys had a blast despite the major heat.  I'm feeling a propology post coming up so look for this session soon.  You'll be surprised with some of the props I used.
The set up took about 20-25 minutes in extreme heat.  My wonderful stepson, Benjamin was a big help.  Pulling down the set up took about 10 minutes again with Benjamin's help.
I mentioned in the last post that due to my recent page change on Facebook I'm no longer allowed to give outside links to my albums so there will be no links.
Here are my favorites.

Until next time,