Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bart & Whitney (engagements)

Last Saturday evening I met with Bart and Whitney for their engagement session in New Albany.  To my surprise they showed up as early as I did.  I knew these were great people :)  The location we used had changed a lot since I had last seen it and my usual areas of use were covered in weeds so we went explored and found a few new areas I hadn't used yet.  
I love props!  Small, big, plain or colorful I love them!  They can literally make a session.  Bart and Whitney's relationship started over his Jeep so they wanted to bring it along and include it in their session.  I had never used a vehicle for an engagement session so I wasn't exactly sure how to pull it off until I got there in person.  I love how it turned out!  Bart and Whitney are getting married in the next few days in Jamaica so I won't be doing their wedding.  I will however be doing their reception next month so stayed tuned for their reception post.

At this point in the blog I usually post a link to the album on Facebook so you can see it in it's entirety.  Unfortunately when I made the switch to a business page from a normal user page I lost a few functions.  You guessed of those functions was the ability to share an outside link to the page.  The majority of my readers do not have a Facebook page so I'll try my best to include as many images as possible.

Now onto the pictures!

She's a Beatles fan :)  When we first met she asked where I came up with Jude's name then nonchalantly added she too was a Beatles fan.  When I saw her tattoo I just had to in some way incorporate it.  If you can't see it after clicking to see the full image it says, "There will be an answer let it be"


The line that started it all :)

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