A word about Foxtree...
Foxtree specializes in newborn, child and senior photography but covers all spectrums including maternity, engagement, wedding and family photography.  We strive to break the mold and create art instead of plain Jane photographs.  Child and Senior sessions are generally broken into two sections.  One section will yield minimalist, classic, images catching up close the details of your child showcasing those little things that make them so special.  Ex. That dimple in their cheek, color of their eyes, the way their hair falls on their face or that big toothless smile that turns into a belly laugh. The things you wish you could freeze in that exact moment for a lifetime.  The second portion of the session is what I fondly refer to as “propped out”.  This is where I catch the child at play in a set up with a theme and numerous props.  A lot of planning goes into this phase.  Planning that parents have a part in.  I make these sections about your child’s interest whether it be tea parties, princesses and super heros, fishing or being a rough and tumbling boy.  These portions catch the child in their element, playing how they normally would play with mild suggestions from the photographer.  Portions of these sessions may be “styled” by the photographer.  Styling is when the photographer brings age appropriate clothing and accessories for the child to further meld the photographer’s creative vision, props and your little one, no matter the age, because let’s face it, they’re always our babies right?
I pride myself in making people feel at ease despite a camera being pointed at them.  Sessions are always fun and memorable.  Fully expect imaginative wonderlands, dreamy sunlight, beautiful clothing mostly provided by Magnolia Jane (a boutique clothing business also owned by the main photographer of Foxtree, Amber Middleton).
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