Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Matt & Sarah

It was a busy weekend :)  Matt & Sarah's wedding was the day after Nick & Stephanie's (see blog post before this one).  I hate to play favorites but I have to say these pictures are my favorite from all the weddings I've done. I love the classy charm of Sarah's wedding gown.

Once again, thank you Matt & Sarah for letting me in on your special day.


Nick & Stephanie

I had the privilege of shoot Nick & Stephanie's wedding.  What a beautiful wedding!  I'll let the pictures do the talking..


 Two words.  Orange. Raspberry.  Adrienne & Co. of Jeffersonville, IN really outdid themselves on this one.  The orange with raspberry filling layer was aaahmazing!!  Be jealous haha!

Thank you to Nick & Stephanie for choosing me as their photographer.

"Love is old.  Love is new.  Love is all.  Love is you." - The Beatles


A (6mo)

I can't believe it's already been six months since capturing little Miss A's newborn pictures.  It's so fun to follow them from birth on up.  They're my Foxtree babies :)

Too cuuuute!!


Lydia family

After having to cancel twice due to weather we finally managed to have the Lydia session and in a special hidden spot.  So hidden in fact that a little doe decided to join in on the fun.  I wish I had noticed her soon enough to get a picture but I didn't. :( I'm going to say it one more time...yep you guessed it...this may be in a future propology post. 
Below are a few of my favorites from the session.

Look at that smile :)

Thank you to the Lydia family for using Foxtree.  Are we making this an annual event? ;)

M is for Madeline

I had the joy of photographing little Madeline's newborn pictures as soon as I returned from my Missouri trip.  I couldn't get over how dainty she was.  I am still editing a few but here are a few sneak peeks.  You will be finding more on the Facebook page soon.

Thank you to Madeline's family for allowing me to photograph your beautiful little girl!Amber

Owens family

I had the pleasure of meeting the Owens family the last day of my trip to Missouri.  At the last moment the location we were going to use changed but I'm so pleased with number two on the list.  We used family property with so much character.  It was an adventurous way to end my trip.  I can hear Lori laughing at that last line.  For those that know me personally you know I have a big fear of heights.  I failed to mention this until we had already climbed up in the top floor of the bar for some pretty cool pictures.  It was so worth the panic inside and the fear that the floor would fall through haha!
Below are my favorites :)

See what I mean?  Totally worth it!

This concludes my posts from my trip to Missouri. 
Thanks again to the Owens family!

1940's session

The 1940's session was my last session for my Saturday in Missouri.  I was exhausted by the time I got to this session but so excited!  I first had a vision for session then made it work for my model, G.  My most favorite time period is the 40's for just about every reason you could think of.  For weeks I did research on the styles and colors used during the 40's.  I stressed over every detail to the point I couldn't make up my mind about the outfit then I finally just made myself jump and go for what I kept being drawn to.  A big thank you to my Mom for making the upcycle dress with only a verbal description and a few pictures I had found on Etsy.  Thank you to G's family for getting almost as excited as me and bringing some of your own props.  It seems I've said this a few times recently but look for this to be a future propology post...when I have a minute to catch up ha!  I used an old country post office that now I believe is a type of flea market/thrift store.  Imagine that she's making a trip to a place and for a reason that is unknown to us but her man (that is off to war) is on her mind.  Eeek I love it!! :)

My favorite from this session :)

Thanks again to G and her family for allowing me to let my creativity run wild.  Look for the future propology post on this one.  You'll be surprised how many props were involved.


Newell family (part 2)

The second part of the Newell family session was so stinkin sweet!  Check out my favorites.