Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Owens family

I had the pleasure of meeting the Owens family the last day of my trip to Missouri.  At the last moment the location we were going to use changed but I'm so pleased with number two on the list.  We used family property with so much character.  It was an adventurous way to end my trip.  I can hear Lori laughing at that last line.  For those that know me personally you know I have a big fear of heights.  I failed to mention this until we had already climbed up in the top floor of the bar for some pretty cool pictures.  It was so worth the panic inside and the fear that the floor would fall through haha!
Below are my favorites :)

See what I mean?  Totally worth it!

This concludes my posts from my trip to Missouri. 
Thanks again to the Owens family!

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