Monday, October 24, 2011

Mullins family

My first session during my Missouri photography weekend extravaganza was with the Mullins family.  I've had the pleasure of photographing their children before but this was a first for the whole family.  I worked with Dalena before moving to Indiana so it's always nice to see her and catch up.  Onto my favorites!

Dad is a Patriot Rider.  They give motorcycle escort to returning soldiers alive and fallen.  I had the opportunity to witness the Patriot Riders in action some years ago.  There was talk of a boycott for the fallen soldier.  The town rallied and so did these wonderful Patriot Riders.  Tears streamed down my face as I saw the hearse flanked by these motorcyclist giving respect and honor to the fallen soldier.  True Americans that take pride in showing honor and respect whether they support a war(s) or not is what makes this country great!  If only everyone cared so much about our fellow man.
On a less serious note thank you to the Mullins family for giving me the opportunity to capture your whole family.  It was great seeing you again.

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