Tuesday, October 25, 2011

1940's session

The 1940's session was my last session for my Saturday in Missouri.  I was exhausted by the time I got to this session but so excited!  I first had a vision for session then made it work for my model, G.  My most favorite time period is the 40's for just about every reason you could think of.  For weeks I did research on the styles and colors used during the 40's.  I stressed over every detail to the point I couldn't make up my mind about the outfit then I finally just made myself jump and go for what I kept being drawn to.  A big thank you to my Mom for making the upcycle dress with only a verbal description and a few pictures I had found on Etsy.  Thank you to G's family for getting almost as excited as me and bringing some of your own props.  It seems I've said this a few times recently but look for this to be a future propology post...when I have a minute to catch up ha!  I used an old country post office that now I believe is a type of flea market/thrift store.  Imagine that she's making a trip to a place and for a reason that is unknown to us but her man (that is off to war) is on her mind.  Eeek I love it!! :)

My favorite from this session :)

Thanks again to G and her family for allowing me to let my creativity run wild.  Look for the future propology post on this one.  You'll be surprised how many props were involved.



Kristi Whitaker said...

I love the last one!!! Gorgeous!!!

Foxtree Photography said...

Thank you! It's one of my personal favorites as well.

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