Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Propology: Snow White

I'm afraid I'm terribly behind in my propology posts.  I will be catching up on these this week.

A few facts about myself

I am fiercely creative
I don't sleep well
I get in these modes where I generate a lot of very detailed ideas.  These ideas often come out in quite a frenzy.

Those three facts are quite intwined together.  My rendition of Snow White came from one of this frenzied moments of creative blur.  It was quite trial and error with a few of my ideas but overall was quite a success.  In the post before I mentioned being prepared.  Always, always, always have back up plans and props ready just in case your original "my most awesome idea ever" is a flop.  Sometimes things are way better in the mind than in person.

This was a styled session by myself and what would lead me a few months later to create Magnolia Jane, my side business.  ( or Magnolia Jane on Facebook).  Since this was a styled session I will include the clothing as a prop since it greatly effected the session.
I wanted the session to be recognizable as Snow White but with my own twist.  While I had scouted out this location prior to the session I had no shot there before.  The lighting was a bit tricky throughout the session.  I had a very elaborate plan involving 100+ origami swans that would hang from red ribbon but the wind ripped that idea out real quick.  As you can imagine hanging 100+ origami swans from a tree takes some time.  As soon as we finished the wind whipped up making it impossible.  It was to be a big part of my session but I fell back on props I had no planned to be such a staple.  All in all I loved the way it turned out.  Lessons were learned as always.  For those wondering, I did save all of the origami swans and plan to use them in the dead of Summer when the air is stale and not moving a bit lol!

Props used

Snow White inspired dress and matching (detachable) cape
Yellow tights
Two real apples and one fake

You might be wondering why I chose to use two real apples and one fake one.  For starters I'm never exactly sure where I will be taken in a session.  I thought I might have her take a bite of the apple which would require a real apple.  Secondly, I wanted to fill the basket.  It was cheaper to buy more real than fake.  And lastly, I knew I would want close ups of the apple.  Real apples aren't always the prettiest so I purchased a fake apple with the intent of using it in a    close up like in the last picture above.

This session was on New Year's Day so I do not remember the amount of money I spent on the material but I do know the tights were $5 at Target.  I believe I already had the basket.  The fake apple was around $3 and I don't remember the cost of the apples.  Miss Snow white found them very tastey whatever the cost ;)

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