Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Propology: Senior session on a budget

The very beginning of this month I had a Senior session with Victoria.  It was well planned out but their creative juices joining with mine took it even further than I had originally imagined.  This just may be one of my favorite sessions.
Photography is way more than camera, lenses, creativity, a computer and editing software.  Way more.  That's actually the reason I decided I'd start making propology posts.  Unless you're a photographer I don't know if you truly understand how much time and money goes into making a photo session what it is.  For quite some time now I've had these visions of vintage prop heaven.  Everything is so perfectly clear.  The problem you might ask?  I don't have the props.  I can't find them.  If I find them they're whoa expensive!  One afternoon I was sitting at my friend/sister in law's house when one of the kids brought out a vintage typewriter.  When I get a great idea, get super excited or see something I love that is either 1. clothes, 2. props, 3. the perfect picture I let out this little shriek.  Not seeing what I was excited about she looked a little scared until I explained.  Let's face it I get distracted too easy so what I'm shrieking about is often unknown.  I have 100 different things floating around my mind and have little ADD moments where I hop from one to the other.  I often interrupt myself.  Seriously lol!  Getting back on track.  I explained that was one of the vintage items I had been looking for but couldn't find.  She agreed to let me use it when the time came.  Now the job was finding and planning the other props that would accompany this little treasure.  In addition to finding the other props, an important piece is, who I will use the prop with.  You can't just throw any ole prop with someone.  It might completely clash with who they are or their interests.  I could see the prop with Victoria but just in case, ran my ideas by her to see what she thought of my vision.  She loved it so it was a go.  Below is my vision born into a picture.

List of props

1. Journals - $0 personal journals at my house

2. Quilt- $0 When my Great Grampa passed away the family started the daunting task of going through the personal effects of both my Grampa and what he had put away following the passing of his wife, my Great Gramma.  What we found were mounds and mounds of quilts my Gramma had made.  Gramma passed away when I was 5 so I don't have a lot of memories.  The one that stands out the most is watching her hand quilt during our visits.  I was given this quilt that Gramma made.

3. Suitcase- $3 I've spent many months searching flea markets and the local Goodwills for a certain kind of suitcase.  I finally found one that I liked enough to get.

4. Wire basket- $8 To be honest I don't remember exactly how much I bought this basket for but I know it was under $10.  I purchased it many months back, during one of those super sales at Hobby Lobby where they put a variety of their products in a clearance section marked 60-80% off.

5. Vintage typewriter- $0 Read above story

Grand total spent on props for this session: $11

I'm super pleased with the props I had for this session and that red number.  It's not easy to pull off a propped out session on such a small budget.  This prop on a budget thing has become an addiction.  Stay tuned for future propology posts.  If all goes as planned there will be an amazing, propped out session this Sat.  Trust me, you do not want to miss the pictures or post that will follow.  Need a teaser?  It's entitled "The Big Bear Hunt".  :)

Take care,

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