Monday, August 22, 2011

princess & the pea

For those of you that know me you're aware that I'm not a sleeper and I'm always thinking, dreaming and sketching my ideas so I don't miss a single detail.  The idea for this shoot came in the form of the words only then I ran with it.  When I get ideas, especially for concept shoots I usually have a person in mind.  I see them and their personality in that session.  This session was meant for one special little girl.  I ran the idea by her Mom who was thrilled to have her little girl be a model for Foxtree.  In the future you'll see the rundown of the props in a detailed propology post but for now I'll just show the goods.  The day started out as a perfect overcast day which had me very excited.  I set up the teepee, bed, "mattresses" and the stool with the pea details on top.  We place little Miss Princess Pea and the sun decides it loves my set up and wants to light up that whole area.  I love the sun during sessions but not so much the bright noon day sun.  I love the warm glow of the evening sun especially for sessions like this.  It didn't work out but overall I'm still pleased with the concept session.  Thank you so much to Audrey's Mommy for being so trusting and just going with the flow :)  I know you read the blog so I'll throw in my true feelings for you to find.  You're an awesome lady inside and out!  I had a great time with you and your girls.  Ok onto the pictures!  If you'd like to view the full Facebook album, (that I think might still grow some) cut and paste the following link into your address bar.

Here are a few of my favorites.

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