Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shane & Shawna (engagement) (pt 1)

I met with Shane and Shawna one Saturday evening in February.  I discovered this cool little place a few days before the shoot.  It's always a thrill to shoot at a new location.  Shane is my brother in law and Shawna is a close friend of mine.  Seeing two people close to you fall in love and deserve it almost more than anyone else is an awesome thing.  Their love is as great as their friendship and I think it's obvious through their pictures.  My favorite shoots are when there is such an undeniable connection (not just romantic) between people that it can't help but flood every image.  This was my second shoot using my 50mm and once again it left me with a fluttering heart.  I love this lens!!  It was so worth getting lost in Louisville to find the only store that carried them ;) hehe!  If you would like to view their entire album on Facebook follow the link below.

I may end up making two posts to showcase all my favorites.  Below are a few.

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