Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nikki (bridal)

My greatest ideas come to me riiight as I'm falling asleep.  I knew the perfect place for my session with Nikki.   had been anxiously awaiting this shoot with Nikki for about two weeks.  What had me so excited you ask?  Nikki is a cool girl with a fierce personality.  I loved the contrast between her $2,000 wedding dress and her tattoos.  I love placing myself in situations that are outside of the norm for me.  It challenges my creative abilities and opens new opportunities for me.  This would be one of those times for me.  The March weather had been rather normal right up until the time we left the house where Nikki got ready.  It went from pretty sunshine to...wait for it...sleet and snow!  The weather can be so unpredictable here!  Luckily she was as excited about the shoot as I was and had brought along a coat.  She bundled up between shots and it worked out great.  The place we went is also a personal favorite of mine that I had only used once before.  I switched between my 50mm and my 18-55mm lens.  To view the entire album on facebook follow the link below.  Here are a few of my favorites.

I will try and keep it to only one entry..try lol!

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