Sunday, April 17, 2011

Adrianna (newborn)

This shoot was my second newborn session of the day.  I was exhausted and very hungry!  It was 3p and I still hadn't ate yet.  Call it nervous excitement but when I have a big shoot I look forward to a lot I would rather prepare and brainstorm all day than mess with "trivial" things like eating.  Ha!  This shoot was great in location!  Mom and Dad live in a town home. The upstairs got better light so Mom decided their bedroom would be best.  The rocking chair to feed Adrianna, a changing station and other things that would help keep her happy were all in the room so it was great!  Mom and Dad had a tall bed with a big headboard so I laid her on the bed and draped the background over the headboard.  Little Adrianna was five days old the day of the shoot.  You will soon see but she is so beautiful!  After the shoot I spent some time cuddling with her.  She's such a sweetie!  I mostly used my 18-55mm lens for this shoot.  If you would like to view the entire album on Facebook follow the link below.

Here are a few of my favorites from this session.


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