Thursday, June 30, 2011

S is for Serenity (newborn)

 I had the opportunity to meet with little Miss Serenity, her Mommy Amber and her big sister Annabella on Tuesday.  The first newborn shoot I ever did was done with Annabella so it was nice to come back after much growth and do a session with her new little sister.  From start to finish the session was great!  Amber was busy with her oldest, so she let me set up in Annabella's room, where I had the first time and work while she watched after Annabella.  The lighting is spectacular in that room!  My set up was a bit of a new experiment.  Long story short, there is an incredible newborn prop called the newborn posing beanbag or the newborn posing ottoman.  For the best they run a cool $95 with the grand total being $107 after you buy the beans to put inside.  Not wanting to spend so much on something I was afraid wouldn't be as great as everyone said, I got the bright idea to strike out and make one myself.  You must first know that I'm not a seamstress.  About 10% into the sewing part of the project my sewing machine broke.  Quite determined, I decided I would hand sew the rest of this glorified bean bag.  Two days and many finger pricks later with too many hours to mention without embarrassment, I finished the posing bag.  I had made it a little too big for the amount of beans I purchased and I wasn't wanting to sink any more into my "do it for as inexpensive as you can" project.  I was tempted to scrap it altogether and wait for my Mom to help fix the sewing machine so I could cut down the size but I found a way to make it work.  My original goal was for a Geo Metro version of their Jaguar.  I ended up with, in my opinion a little scooter version.  Yes the kind those kids drive that are too young to operate a real car.  It's not pretty but I'm so pleased to announce it did the job and for only $24 and some change.  This cool little prop puts the baby on an easier viewing plane and gives you much more creative access.  While I can't speak for the baby, I'm sure it's much more comfortable as well.  My setup before was an oversized Boppy pillow, that while it worked, presented many challenges and roadblocks.  I'll make another post detailing this posing bag a little better and showing my newborn set up.  For now though, I'd like to share with you a few of my favorite from Serenity's shoot.  For those that would like to view the entire album on Facebook (you really must!), cut and paste the link below into your address bar.

Below are a few of my favorite standouts.  The pink was a hat Amber already hat.  The green and purple hats were made by a local Louisville woman named Casey.  She's been a joy to work with and out of all the hats I've used for shoots, her's are my favorite.  You can find her shop on etsy at  
I love her half smile in this next one.

And the post wouldn't quite be complete without a picture of one of the cutest little cries ever.  And by little cry I mean that literally.  She let out a whimper of frustration due to me disturbing her sleep which lasted about as long as it took to take this picture.

*Tip* Newborn shoots are best in the first ten days with five through ten being the best.  Babies are most sleepy and flexible during this time allowing for cool poses and an easier shoot (for everyone) in general.  Serenity was 10 days old the day of this shoot.

Until we meet again God bless and have a safe Fourth of July weekend!  


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