Sunday, June 26, 2011

S is for Savannah (newborn)

Yesterday I posted a sneak peek post with my favorite picture from the shoot.  Here's the official post but be sure to check out the post!  I had the absolute joy of spending some time with Savannah and her Mommy, Brooke yesterday.  It's been fun seeing the milestones in Brooke's life through the photos of Foxtree.  I did her and David's engagement photos, then their wedding.  Now I've been able to capture their new little bundle.
To say that Savannah is a good baby would be an understatement!  With most newborn shoots there are diaper changes, feedings and lots of holding, rocking and cooing a crying baby.  Savannah didn't cry once the entire time (just shy of two hours).  She let me put her in any position I wanted which yielded a great result!  She has the best skin I've ever seen a baby have and is just down right beautiful!  I LOVE MY JOB!!
If you hadn't noticed the links to the albums have been experiencing issues as of late, so I'll have to do it the old way.  Below is the address to view the Facebook album in it's entirety.  Cut and paste the address into your address bar to view all the photos.

Now for a few of my favorites!  (It's so hard to pick just a few!!) 

**click the image to see it in true size**

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