Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Giovanna aka GiGi

Yesterday evening I met with GiGi and her Mommy Adrienne (owner of cafe/bakery Adrienne & Co in Jeffersonville).  It was so unbelievably hot but the semi shaded area we used offered some relief.  Adrienne and I had been planning this shoot together for several weeks so the amount of anticipation was incredibly high and even got me a little nervous.  Usually the only shoots I get nervous for our weddings but I had built it up so high that it got to me this (.) much.  Once I set everything up the nerves disappeared and the next hour or so flew by.  The shoot far exceeded my hopes and I am beyond thrilled with each and every image.   Little GiGi was so easy to work with and her Mom jumped in on the prop mania and brought a few goodies herself.  It's so fun when you can share your vision and someone else picks up on it and helps you run with it.  Most shoots I come out with a few favorites.  This shoot has no front runners.  I'm literally in love with each and every image.  THIS is exactly where I envisioned taking Foxtree.  I cant express how liberating it is to be able to pour myself into a shoot with all my ideas however silly they may seem on paper and reap an image that exceeds even my ultra vivid imagination.  I have so much excitement, energy and creativity to throw into the rest of this year!  It's like all your childhood birthdays and Christmas' combined!!  It was hard enough to pick a few favorites for the album on FB and I know it'll be even more difficult to narrow it down once again to blog photos.  For those that would like to view the entire album on Facebook follow the link below.  It's ok if you don't have a FB the link will work for those without accounts too.

I feel like a Price Is Right girl unveiling the next grand prize ;)  

Looks like I need to break this post into two parts.  Pt 2 coming in a few minutes!


Lavender Hill said...

Beautiful !!!!!! You absolutely captured Gigi!

Foxtree Photography said...

Thank you!

Foxtree Photography said...

I saw Lavender Hill for the first time today. I look forward to going inside and taking a look around now.

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