Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Huckleberry Ben and the "new" Foxtree

Every few months I try my best to slip in a shoot with each of my boys.  It's a little more challenging to schedule a time with my stepson Benjamin as he's only with us part of the time.  It never fails that it rains the weekends we have him.  Our weekly visits with him are too short so we play the weather waiting game.  Earlier this week I got the perfect idea for a shoot with Benjamin.  I titled it..yep...Huckleberry Ben :)  I had a pair of black suspenders but wanted something a bit more colorful so I eyeballed the black ones and made some for Benjamin.  I paired it with the cutest little Gap hat I got on clearance last year, a pair of jeans that were a little too long and needed rolling up, a tank, a stool and a basket.  I've talked a lot about the "new" Foxtree so I figured I'd do some explaining with the unveiling of the look.

1.  Theme- Each shoot will have a theme whether it be a color theme or an actual theme like I did with Benjamin and Huckleberry Finn.  When there is an official theme it's more streamlined and allows for more creativity.  

2.  I was mostly urban last year which is what I thought I wanted but it never felt quite right.  I'm not saying I won't do some urban this year but for the most part I want to stay in nature.  If the surroundings are more simple it allows for the most important part to stick out...you and your family!  I love the colors and the ideas that I have that all include bits of nature.

3. I've started using actions, Florabella to be exact.  It makes editing quicker and I'm LOVING the results!!

4. Props, props and more props!!

5.  I must admit...I'm a little bit of a control freak. Last year I gave in to a lot of what other people wanted. They didn't have a clear cut vision like I did so sometimes my shoots lacked direction. It's hard to run with a vision when it's not your own and they didn't put as much thought into as I would’ve. Because of this I ended up in a place with Foxtree i didn't want to be. I had a direction I wanted to take Foxtree and I didn't get there. While resting after surgery I reevaluated where I wanted to go and be as a photographer. These are the five things I came up with. Part of this control is taking on a more hands on a approach with the shoots. I will prop out a lot of them, staging more. Also, I've started making some of my props...headpieces and such. My next venture will be making cool funky little skirts for the younger girls in the shoots. Of course they don't all have to let me "style" their shoot out but I know some will totally go for it.  The ones that opt out for the styling, we will still work together to find something that works for both you and me.  If I know what you or your children will be wearing it’s easier for me to prepare for the shoot with props and the perfect location.

So without further ado here is the new Foxtree.

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