Wednesday, April 11, 2012

tick tock

Due to recent changes in our lives I'm more aware of just how quickly time flies by.  If you're anything like us (my husband and I) we often share stories of our childhood and how much those little things meant to us and shaped who we are now.  It's too easy to get caught up in daily life.  There are grocery runs, bills to pay, jobs to do and what seems to be an endless amount of laundry.  A few weeks ago I looked at Jude and had a moment of pure panic.  He only just turned three but all of a sudden I felt as if his childhood was nearly gone.  It won't be long until he goes to school and this special time I've had home with him the past three years will be gone.  After he starts school I won't have those days of just Jude and I.  His first year I was awesome at taking pictures of every little thing.  At a few months old Foxtree was born and has steadily grown with each passing month and year.  With those months and years I slacked on taking pictures of Jude and my stepson Benjamin.  I want to remember those memories and I want to leave those memories in the form of something they can hold in their hand no matter their age.  The sharpness of most memories gradually fade.  We don't remember what their voice sounded like or that one silly face they made to make us laugh.  I am determined to start capturing those memories again even if they're the little things we wouldn't deem "important".  You never know what memory will shape your child.  Love them, hold them and tell them you love them.  Make memories and capture those memories whether it be by me or another professional photographer or you with your camera at home.  The clock doesn't stop.  Tick.tock.  This is my professional blog but since Foxtree is me I'll be adding pictures of my life with my boys.

These photos are from today during Jude and I's walk around the neighborhood soaking in the pretty flowers (and weeds).

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