Wednesday, April 11, 2012

remember when weeds were flowers?

I realized today that I felt I didn't have anything to learn from a child.  How wrong was I!!  Remember when weeds were flowers?  We saw the beauty in everything.  We didn't get hung up on what was wrong, only the good in all things.  God is so faithful to teach us lessons in even the smallest situations.  I look at myself and all my mistakes as a weed but God sees me as a beautiful flower.  He sees us all as a flower.  I want to shine for Jesus!  I want to show his love, light and life to all those around me whether I view them as a weed or a a flower.  I want to get to the place where I can look through his eyes and see flowers everywhere.

I read a post from a fellow photographer yesterday.  She brought to light how most of us photographer's struggle with making the "perfect" image.  We take out little blimishes, straighten things here and fix things there.  Life isn't perfect so in these images I left Jude exactly how he is allergy induced eczema and all :)

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