Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Snow White

About two weeks ago I started planning in intricate detail the Snow White session that would be round two with the origami but this time it was improved.  What I didn't plan for was the wind.  It never fails..haha!  We hung all 104 ribbon strung origami swams.  In the last few minutes of hanging the wind started.  It was relentless.  The session took place at a tree on the top of a small hill.  The wind kept whipping up the sides making the set up I had near the birds unusable.  While that part of the session was a bit of fail I kept al the birds and now after two trials I know exactly how to make this work.  I did proceed with the session even though the birds didn't work how I had hoped and planned.
There were several props used but you won't see them all in the pictures due to the original set up with the birds not working out.  Below are a list of props you will see in the pictures

Props used

One fake apple
Three real apples
A bakset with red fabric
104 origami birds hanging from the tree by red ribbons
10 small origami birds hanging by red ribbon inside a bird cage

Dress (made by me)
Cape (made by me)
Headband (made by me)
Yellow tights from Target
Black flats already owned by the model

Here are a few of my favorites.  If you would like to view the images in full size, click the image.

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