Friday, January 20, 2012

Magnolia Jane (coming soon!!)

Hello Foxtree friends :)  The news I am about to share has been in the works for a long, long time.  It took a little shove of encouragement to get me there and now that I am standing where I am, I am beyond thrilled!  I am so happy and excited to announce that over the weekend I will be launching a side project/business.  I was going to wait until the Spring to launch but my inventory is growing speedily and my impatience has grown even faster!  This new business will work hand in hand with Foxtree to take it to a new level I have been wanting to reach since the start of Foxtree.  It will also work independently of Foxtree though.  I will have a shop set up on in addition to a separate Facebook business page that will double as a sort of shop.  Enough build up! ;)

The new business is a children's boutique with an abundance of unique, vintage chic inspired, one of a kind  dresses, skirts and hair accessories.  Eventually I plan to branch out into little boy's attire but for the moment I am concentrating on little girl's clothing and hair accessories only.

Please show support for Magnolia Jane by "liking" the Facebook page.  You can find it by searching for Magnolia Jane.  My Etsy store is not yet open but will be by the end of the weekend.  I will make a post then giving out that information.  Until then you can find me on Facebook, email and the blog.

Not one to disappoint I will give a tiny sneak peek of what you will be seeing.  This item was one of the first sparks of Magnolia Jane.  I can't wait to show you the amazing dresses and skirts with their matching headbands of course!  You will NOT want to miss what is to come!!  Talk to you soon :)

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